23 Mildly Infuriating Things About “Mean Girls”

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Mean Girls really bothered them. Here are some of their responses.

1. The multiple dress code violations:

The Plastics’ outfits at school, including Regina’s nonchalance with her cut shirt. We got sent home for bare shoulders, and they’re out here strutting around in mini skirts and crop tops? No.

2. Cady saying she’s from an entire continent:

One thing that annoyed me was that Cady kept saying she’s “from Africa.” Everyone I know who comes to America is usually vocal about the country they are from, not the continent…

4. The actors were much older than the parts they played:

I hate that they made most of the cast wayyy outta high school. I know its a movie. But still. Also, did you know that Regina George’s hair is a wig???

5. The caricature of Karen:

I was always kind of bothered by the average dumb blonde stereotype placed on Karen.

6. Cady’s perfect American accent:

Ok. I can’t bash this movie because it’s one of my favorites of all time, but I’ve always wondered why Cady didn’t have an accent. My friend grew up in Africa (and was homeschooled) from 5-15 and even she had a bit of an accent when she came to the US.

7. Mr. Heron’s ineptitude:

How Cady’s dad didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to let Cady out while she was grounded. I’m sure he lived in America before they moved to Africa, he must’ve known what grounding is.

8. Cady’s maybe not-so-challenging math question:

That the big, super-important, crazy-hard Mathlete’s competition question that Cady gets is a limits question. Limits are the first and the easiest thing you learn in Calculus.

9. Mrs. George’s iron breasts:

The part when Cady is first introduced to Regina’s mom, and she’s holding the little dog, and it starts to bite her nipple, and she has no reaction? Breast implants do NOT inhibit sensation to the nipple or any other part of the breast, and that would hurt whether you have implants or not.

10. The lack of repercussions:

Via Paramount Pictures

I’ve always been annoyed how there was no consequence when Janis and Damien tricked Cady into skipping class by showing her the “back building.” I know at my high school you got in a hell of a lot of trouble for skipping class.

11. Damien’s disregard for boundaries:

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My issue was with Damien just chilling with Cady and Janis in the girls’ bathroom…let the girls pee in peace!

12. Cady’s interesting house party outfit:

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During the party Cady throws she’s wearing a strapless dress with a regular bra and the straps are showing. I NEVER understood that choice.

13. Who throws a vase!

When Cady has the house party and those boys start throwing the tribal vase. Like who the hell would play pass with something like that? That part just infuriated me because it’s so fucking rude for multiple reasons. Pass around a fucking pillow if you really want to throw something that badly…and AWAY from vases…

14. Ms. Norbury not knowing her own class:

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When the principal introduces Cady to the class, Ms. Norbury welcomes the African American student. But she’s clearly been teaching this class for a while and should know her students. Why does she not know this girl has been in her class the whole time?

15. The disproportionate violence:

The whole girls fighting scene would never happen in real life. A slap would probably be the most extreme, but girls were throwing one another down the stairs. Like, what?

16. Regina’s totally un-PC language:

Regina used the R-word. Not a fan. Even though it something a teen might say realistically, it just makes it okay for everyone else to say it. Let’s stop using that word, shall we?

17. Cady’s awkward phrasing:

When Cady gets her first three-way call and asks Regina, “What are you saying about?” I cringe EVERY TIME. It’s so unnatural!

18. Aaron’s spineless return to Regina:

When Aaron takes Regina back! We don’t even get a story on why, all we know is that Regina kissed him at the Halloween party, but he didn’t seem to be OK with it. Next thing you know, they’re inseparable. Why would he take her back? Maybe an even better question, why DID he take her back?

20. The origin of the Santa dance:

Janice apparently choreographed the dance the Plastics did every year when they were all in third grade, but then the dance was super sexualized and not something her character would have come up with.
— Alyssa M Boxer, Facebook

21. Cady’s bathroom lunch:

Cady eating food in a bathroom stall is gross. And I would be more self conscious about someone judging me for bringing food into a bathroom than I would be to eat alone.
— Sara Heinemeyer, Facebook

22. The “jump the shark” ending:

Regina getting hit by the bus just didn’t flow with the movie and felt like a weird direction for the movie to go. It seemed like a lazy way of patching things up between Cady and Regina, not to mention, it was just completely ridiculous. There’s no way she would have survived that. I know it’s a movie, but come on.
— Allyson Heller, Facebook

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