21 Times “Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends” Was The Best Goddamn Show On TV

1. When that intro came to life, you knew you were about to have a great time.

2. When Madam Foster didn’t act her age and got down to her skivvies.

Cartoon Network

3. When her she sweet granny facade broke and lost her shit.

“I’m usually so sweet, quirky, and adorable. But dagnabbit, I’m madder than a wet cat on washin’ day!”

4. When Bloo had opinions on quiet hours and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know.

5. When Bloo broke and tried to fix Madam Foster’s bust, and delivered this joke that went waaaay over our heads as kids.

Cartoon Network

6. When the Imaginary Friends would get into trouble and do anything to avoid Mr. Herriman’s punishment.

7. When Wilt showed his endless supply of compassion…and love of basketball.

Cartoon Network

8. When Eduardo and Cheese had the makings of a beautiful friendship, before Eduardo realized Cheese was nuts.

Cartoon Network

9. When the animators understood the struggle of a good driver license photo.

Cartoon Network

10. When Coco made an appearance and made sense to everyone except us.

Cartoon Network

11. When both Bloo and Cheese wanted to have their way and blessed us with hot rod flame bunnies.

12. When Goo arrived and rocketed straight into our hearts.

Goo: “Wow! Look at you! You’re great!
Eduardo: *blushes*

13. When FHFIF brought in characters from other Cartoon Network shows and delivered this sick burn.

“Some kids aren’t that creative so they just copy what they see on TV.”

14. When Madam Foster, Bloo, and Mac went bowling and The Dude, Theo, and Walter made a cameo.

15. When Mandy arrived at FHFIF with a very UN-Mandy-like imaginary friend.

16. When Cheese attached Eduardo with a carrot because literally everything Cheese did was batshit insane.

Cartoon Network

17. When Cheese declared his love for chocolate milk and just wanted to share it with Bloo.

“I love chocolate milk”

18. When Dutchess tried to ruined Mac and Bloo’s adventures, but not before Bloo clapped back.

Cartoon Network

Dutchess: “This party is unauthorized. It is interfering with my 23 hours of beauty sleep!”
Bloo: “You may want to shoot for 24.”

19. When the writers would deliver these simple, yet totally genius jokes.

“Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”

20. Whenever Bloo would be overdramatic, which was always.

“I can’t hear you! I’m in too much emotional paaain!”

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