20 Yr Old NJ Girl Charged w/ Murder Goes On Tiktok To Plead INNOCENCE (Video)

A 20 year old New Jersey girl is being charged with 4 HOMICIDES, after she was driving a car that crashed. Everyone inside was killed, including the girl herself – she suffered burns over 60% of her body.

But is she innocent? MTO News learned that the woman is going viral, after telling her story to millions on Tiktok.

MTO News learned that the car, which was heading home from a beach party in New Jersey in June, crashed and caught fire. The crash ejected three passengers who ultimately died and killed the fourth.

Nashauna Johnson, 20, the driver of the Cadillac CTS, somehow lost control and 19-year-old Taylor Hill, 18-year-old Kamal Johnson, and 20-year-old Nashawn Brooks, were ejected..

The fourth victim – a 19 year old female who was not named – was crushed inside the vehicle and died.

Nashauna  (19-years-old at the time) was charged with four counts of Vehicular Homicide after the car she was driving somehow lost control, crashed, then ignited in flames, killing everyone inside except her.

Police are charging her with 4 murders because the claim she was “texting.” before the crash. Prosecutors said, ”After a preliminary investigation, it was determined that drugs, alcohol, and speed were non-factors”.

Here’s the woman explaining her side of things. What do you think, should she be charged with 4 homicides???

20 Yr Old NJ Girl Charged w/ Murder After Car Crash – IS SHE INNOCENT? (Video) (; 1:58)