20 New (To Me) Beauty Products I Recently Tried and Love

I may not technically be a beauty editor like some of my lovely colleagues (I’m a fashion editor), but for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong gravitational pull toward trying new beauty products. And luckily, Who What Wear offers me a forum to share my beauty obsessions with the world. 

I find that with the new year typically comes a plethora of new beauty products, and I’m always eager to try whatever I can get my hands on. But the new year is also a great time to make beauty product discoveries that may not even be all that new. 

Among my beauty product discoveries as of late (both new and not-so-new), are a handful of skincare, makeup, and hair products that are simply too good for me to keep to myself any longer. Read on to find out why I loved them, and shop them for your own beauty arsenal if I’ve persuaded you.

I already counted myself a huge fan of Eighth Day’s pricey (but worth it) Regenerative Serum, so my delight when I heard the brand was releasing a new peptide-rich moisturizer was palpable. It’s amazing on its own but I’ve been layering it over the serum and the results even after one night are noticable.

Meet my new favorite winter mask. This extremely hydrating paste-like mask warms up as you apply it to your skin, and it’s as delightful as it sounds. It’s incredibly soothing but somehow leaves my skin bright and glowing in the same way that a peel would.

If you’ve read any Who What Wear beauty stories recently, you’ve probably come across this lip mask. (Yes, we’re collectively obsessed.) What I love about this lightweight (in a good way) mask is that it’s proven to actually plump lips over time as opposed to just temporarily.

I never get facials but this two-step peel system makes me look like I just got one. The first exfoliating step is intense but the second hydrating step instantly soothed and cooled my skin. I followed up with a little more moisturizer and the following morning, I looked dewy and rested.

I’ve tried my fair share of eye creams but I think this is my first eye balm. Just tap the waxy balm from the inner to outer corners of your eyes and watch your crow’s feet and dark circles start to melt away.

Caliray is the buzzy new clean brand on the beauty scene, and I just started using its highly rated skin tint on days when I want a fresh, natural look. While it’s very light, it provides a surprising amount of coverage while blending in beautifully. Bonus: It’s packed with antioxidants.

I’m obsessed with cream eyeshadow (it’s pretty much all I’ll wear lately), so I was thrilled to be introduced to RMS’s new creation. The quick-drying formula blends extremely well and is layerable (I usually go for two layers). No matter how many layers you opt for, it won’t crease in the least.

I’ve tried a lot of hand sanitizers in my day, but this one really stacks up. The vessel is sleek and compact enough to fit in even the smallest bag, and the scent is clean and fresh. Plus, it doesn’t leave a film on your hand like some do (hate that).

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that T3 products have changed my hair’s life. It was hard to pick just one to talk about but this brand new travel hairdryer is incredible for several reasons. It’s incredibly fast and compact (goodbye forever, cheap hotel hairdryers) and it miraculously leaves my hair smooth and frizz-free.

Take my advice and run—don’t walk—to pick up this brightening eye cream. It’ll leave your eye area dewy (but not greasy) and my eye makeup stays in place in the morning. I have a new puppy and haven’t been getting a ton of sleep lately, but you’d never know thanks to this miracle cream.

Aside from the gorgeous packaging, this cream blush really impressed me. It’s not so dewy that it doesn’t show and not so waxy that it doesn’t spread easily. I’m pretty fair and even the darker colors are easy to wear, thanks to the perfectly sheer yet pigmented formula.

The first Dr. Jart+ product I tried was the cult favorite Color Correcting Treatment, but don’t sleep on this sleeping mask, folks (no pun intended). It reduced the redness and splotchiness that my skin is prone to in the winter and I woke up with baby soft skin the next day.

I kind of hate most mascaras but I try new ones often just in case. This one has everything: a perfect brush that leaves lashes natural and fluttery, zero clumping, durability.

The idea of a hand serum was very intriguing to me, and I love Olive & June products, so I gladly gave this a try. I found it to be the perfect product for daytime, as it was actually quite hydrating but it sunk in so quickly that I could tap away on my phone within a minute of applying it.

First of all, I love the sponge applicator and the yummy scent of this—and that the gloss is the perfect not-to-thick formula (but it stays put). And even though it’s not technically a lip plumper, it has an unmistakable plumping effect.

I don’t typically pay too much attention to body care products, but I’ve decided recently that this needs to change, starting with this cult-favorite body oil. Much to my delight, the antioxidant-rich oil isn’t greasy in the least, and the scent is actually euphoric.

One of Chanel’s new polish shades for spring is this beautiful terra cotta nude shade. It may not look very exciting at first glance but once you see it on your nails, you’ll get it.

This lightweight serum sinks right in and can be used both morning and night. The key ingredient is copper peptide, which supports collagen and elastin production. Translation: Bouncy skin awaits you.

This foundation literally melts into your skin while still providing medium-to-full coverage. And although it’s on the pricier side, it lasts for months. I’m happy to say that the rumors I’d heard about how great this is were true.

If you suffer from redness and dryness or have sensitive skin, this mask is worth investing in (the 900 5-star reviews don’t lie). I slather it on when my skin is feeling particularly angry and the next morning it was like the angry skin was all a dream. 

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