20 Designer Leggings That Will Instantly Elevate Your Look

After the legging boom of the 2010s, I think we all decided to take a breather from the style. (Remember jeggings?) 10 years later, leggings are back, but this time they’re much more elevated. Luxury brands are investing in the trend and breathing new life into it. Below, you’ll find everything from floral- and tattoo-patterned leggings to more conservative styles like front-slit leggings, which can literally be worn every day in lieu of pants—a styling hack, if you ask me.

As far as styling goes, things have changed, too. This year, it’s all about layering leggings underneath your dresses and skirts to add some depth to your outfit. Keep scrolling to get into my favorite leggings across various categories currently on the market. I made sure to include a mix of styles and price points for everyone, too. I got you!

Patterned leggings are one of those items that can instantly take your outfit to a 10. Because you’ll be wearing them underneath other clothing for the most part, don’t be afraid to go big and bold.

High risk, high reward.

Who else loves temporary tattoos?

These will make your monochromatic looks pop.

I’m definitely the “look at the moon” girlfriend. These crescent leggings are so tight.

This season, fashion people are opting for flared leggings for all their looks—both for the gym and to wear out. The past year has definitely increased our collective affinity for comfort, and this trend is a reflection of that. Flared leggings are super versatile, making them worth the investment. 

The front slit makes them fancy enough to wear out with heels.

You can layer all your shades of grey together with these as your anchor.

Wear these to work—no one will know.

The perfect flare. 

Who else was a pedal-pusher queen in middle school? I never thought I’d be wearing them again at this point in my life, but here we are. Whether you’re wearing them as pajamas or with an oversize button-down, pedal-pusher leggings are fresh again in 2021.

Cutest pajamas ever.

Unexpected sequined pieces are my favorite.

Pucci made some leggings for the people.

The classic pedal pusher.

Going out in leggings? Believe me, it’s a thing. The trick is to make sure you find pairs that don’t look like leggings, if you know what I mean. 

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy.


Applying pressure. Wear this underneath a tube dress for a girls’ night out.

You have permission to mummify me in these.

Trade in your regular tights for stirrup leggings, my friends. You can wear these with boots, loafers, and even over your pumps for a very fashion-forward look. The little peek of skin elongates the legs and makes this pair so much more interesting than regular leggings.

Streamlined and understated, these are classic.

Amina Muaddi knows how to make a statement, and these leggings are no exception.

So ’80s.

Wear these with a cropped top to show off the cut-outs.

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