20 Burning Questions Any “Westworld” Fan Needs Answers To

If so, does that mean William and the Man in Black are the same person in two different time periods?

2. If William is in fact the Man in Black, what happened to Logan?

We only see the Man in Black travel solo (except with hosts obviously), but if he is in fact William what does that mean happened to Logan? Did he die in the park? Was he a host the whole time? Where is he?! Or is he still alive and the two timeline theory not true?

3. Was there a previous revolt/uprising and are we on track to experience another one?

There’s another theory that suggests that the reason that the lower floors are destroyed was from a previous revolt in which the hosts gained consciousness. Is this the revolt that William and Logan are on their way to discover?

4. Do guests sleep while at Westworld?

Because everyone’s theoretically inside of different narratives do they sleep on their own time? What happens while they sleep? Where do they sleep? Are they more vulnerable when they sleep?

5. Do William and Logan work for Delios or another company meant to save it?

Logan mentions that he and William are there to explore an investment opportunity. Is this opportunity to “save” Westworld? We’ve been led to believe that the park is in financial danger are these two there to save the park? This question supports the two-timeline theory that Lucas and William are in the past and that William is the Man in Black.

6. When/how does the cycle get reset for hosts?

Sometimes we see hosts wake up at home and head into their narrative, but what if they’re off narrative? What happens? Also how do they know when to recycle narratives? Is it just when they die and are brought back?

7. Is Bernard talking to Dolores at a different time?

We see Dolores talking with Bernard and Ford several times. How do they pull her out of Westworld and have no one notice? Especially if she is traveling with William and Logan? How did the pair not notice she was gone?

9. Is “the maze” unsolvable?

A Reddit fan created this render of the map and it shows that there is no way to actually enter into the center of the maze. Does this mean the maze is a metaphor? Or is the maze unsolvable? Or is the map of the maze meant to seem unsolvable so that it discourages people from seeking it?

10. What is the significance of the piano?

The piano seems to signify a new day, but in the beginning we saw many new days in a single episode, now that we’ve covered a lot more ground we haven’t seen it as much. But what does it mean? Is this how hosts are reset?

11. Is Bernard actually a host?

Could it be that Bernard is actually an advanced host? Super spoiler theory: In Episode Six when Theresa breaks off their affair she cites something interesting, that ethics come into play and could cause the board to question her. While this seems like a normal excuse, if you pay close attention she seems to insinuate that their ethics are deeper than just employees hooking up.

12. Is Ford a host?

Could it be that Dr. Ford is actually the ultimate host? He’s reached full consciousness and no one knows that Arnold actually built him. Did Ford sabotage Arnold and kill him?

13. Is Arnold still alive?

Is Arnold still physically alive? Is Arnold alive inside Bernard? Was Arnold a host that Ford created that gained consciousness? Or is “ARNLD” (like MAC) just the system that all of the hosts run off of?

14. Which of the other first generation hosts is Arnold controlling?

We know Dolores and Maeve, but who else?! Is Theresa in control of these? Is Ford in control of these? How come no one thought to look into this before?

15. Or, was Arnold a host himself created by Ford?

Was Dr. Ford Arnold’s greatest creation who backstabbed him?

16. Who captured Elsie in the latest episode?

Elsie discovered something huge! (That Theresa has been sending information out via satellite.) But she found out something even bigger that we don’t know yet! What did she find out and who captured her? Will Bernard confront Theresa?

17. What is Maeve going to do now that her attributes are completely jacked up?

Now that Maeve has basically superhuman abilities including ridiculously high intelligence is she going to use that power to do something? Will she be the one that spurs the revolt? Also what’s going to happen to the two techs who helped her achieve this?

18. Also, before Maeve recruited the workers to boost her stats, we find out that someone else has been tinkering with her, who was it?!

We find out that her stats had already been adjusted. Who was messing with them. Why were they messing with her? Is she being used as a pawn to enact Arnold’s plan? Will her newfound intelligence thwart that person’s plans?

19. What was going on in this scene with Maeve and her daughter?

We’re shown Maeve and her daughter encountering the Man in Black. Does this mean that Maeve’s storyline we’re seeing is from the past? And in this new narrative with her daughter — is that the present? She also discovers the maze (or dies in it) so is it possible that she’s been recruited for Ford’s “new” narrative and that’s why her path crossed with the Man in Black.

20. Why is part of the Westworld HQ abandoned?

Is it because the facilities in the very basement were destroyed in a previous revolt? Some theories say that the basement is a nod to the Westworld film and that the new facilities were built on top of the old.

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