20 Baby Names Inspired By The Best Shows On TV

1. Arya

Show: Game of Thrones

The name Arya means noble, great, and truthful. And like Arya Stark, your baby will be an independent who makes her own path in this world.

2. Eddison

Show: Game of Thrones

Eddison is a true and loyal friend, and the name is strong and dignified.

3. Watson

Show: Sherlock, Elementary

Yes, this is a character’s last name, but it totally works as a fresh, gender-neutral name for your little smartypants.

4. Quinn

Show: UnReal, Scandal

Although this name choice was inspired by two badass women, this adorable name that is rising in popularity (but still not TOO common) is another great choice for either a boy or a girl. Either way, that’s one fierce kiddo.

5. Rogelio

Show: Jane the Virgin

Do you want your son to grow up to be extremely handsome, charming, and also hilarious? Then take a chance with this very noble and enchanting name.

6. Petra

Show: Jane the Virgin

A lovely name for a girl who knows what she wants in life and is always trying to be a better person.

7. Piper

Show: Orange is the New Black

A really adorable name, even if the character that inspired her name isn’t the most lovable these days. Piper is a fighter, a survivor, and there’s a lot to be said for that!

8. Lorna

Show: Orange is the New Black

Lorna has a giant heart and will literally do anything for those she loves. Plus, you could serve Lorna Doone cookies at your shower!

9. Grant

Show: Scandal

Another last name that works as a simple, classic first name. Grant is powerful, strong, and brave.

10. Winston

Show: New Girl

Churchill, who? You will want to name your baby after New Girl’s most lovable weirdo, Winston Bishop. He’s always full of surprises, but most importantly, he’s a great friend with a kind heart.

11. Barbara/Barb

Show: Stranger Things

Classic names like Barbara are definitely making a comeback these days. And this way, Barb will live on — and not just in our hearts.

12. Titus

Show: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Titus has many meanings, including title of honor and pleasing. Titus is royalty, but most of all, he’s fabulous.

13. Regina

Show: Once Upon A Time

I mean, it literally means queen. What more do you need?

14. Deacon

Show: Nashville

Reese Witherspoon was way ahead of the curve when she named her son Deacon back in 2003. It’s a great name for a boy with a lot of heart, talent, and soul.

15. Selina

Show: Veep

Do you have a future POTUS on the way? What about a Vice President that always rises to the occasion, even when the odds are against her? Selina does it all with as much grace as possible.

16. Wes

Show: How To Get Away With Murder

Wes is a truth-seeker and a friend to the end. Wes is definitely someone you want on your team, or in your family.

17. Annalise

Show: How To Get Away With Murder

Let’s be real. Annalise gets shit done, and she takes care of the people she loves — no matter what.

18. Archer

Show: Archer

Yup, another last name that totally works as a really great first name! Plus, Archie is a really cute nickname.

19. Kara

Show: Supergirl

Kara might be soft-spoken and sweet, but deep down inside she is a super hero. Kind-hearted and kick-ass, that’s your girl!

20. Eleven

Show: Stranger Things

Stock up on waffles. This might not be the most traditional name on the list, but there’s no doubt that Eleven — or “Elle” for short — will be unforgettable and powerful!

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