19 Small, Cool Details In “Westworld” That You Might Not Have Noticed

1. In Dolores’ flashback from decades earlier, the name “Arnold Weber” can be seen on a door.

2. You can also see and hear Dolores’ “father,” Peter in the background of this flashback.

3. In Episode 2, Billy is given some hat options. Initially he takes a long look at the black ones before ultimately settling on a white one, though it foreshadows him turning out to be the Man In Black.

5. Redditor uhhhh_no pointed out that the initial maze pattern seen throughout the season had both arms stretched out, whereas the final puzzle showed one arm touching the head.

6. We think we’re seeing Bernard interact with Dolores during Episode 3, but it was actually Arnold.

7. Theresa and Bernard’s conversation during Episode 3 hints at the truth about him being a creation.

8. Robert Ford used the hosts from Lee Sizemore’s rejected narrative as labor workers on his new narrative.

9. The old Westworld logo seen when William first arrived should’ve indicated that his scenes were taking place in the past, as there’s a new logo shown in the other, present day scenes.

10. During Bernard’s video chat with the woman from his memories, the screen quickly flickers and shows Ford’s face.

11. Ford can be seen playing piano in the background when Teddy and the Man in Black enter the saloon.

12. In Episode 3, Ford talks to Bernard about his dead partner named Arnold, while we see a photo of a younger Ford and another man on screen. We assume that other man is Arnold…

13. Then, in Episode 6, Bernard goes to the unmapped house and meets Ford’s host family. He sees the man from the photo and he thinks it’s Arnold. Learning that the man in the photo wasn’t Arnold was a huge clue that there was something fishy about Arnold’s actual identity.

14. Reddit user Stellewind pointed out that this Episode 6 preview of Ford’s new narritive revealed a lot. The figures represent the board and Wyatt’s people coming out to kill the humans.

15. The letter Theresa wrote Bernard says “Bernie. Thanks for the lovely lighter. A flame from my flame. Yours, Teresa.”

16. Elsie was attacked and thought to be killed in Sector 3, but a signal from her device came from Sector 20, indicating that maybe she’s still alive.

17. During the finale, when Maeve gets on the train to leave the park, an overhead announcement says that the train is leaving in 15 minutes. At this point, there are only 15 minutes left in the episode.

18. Armistice and Hector were able to withstand gunshot wounds and keep on the attack because Maeve adjusted their pain sensitivity, mortality response, and aggression.

19. And finally, Maeve’s updated “Mainland Infiltration” narrative can be seen, proving that in the end, exiting the train was Maeve’s very own decision.

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