18 Underappreciated Accessories That Our Fashion Editors Couldn’t Live Without

As a fashion editor, I write about accessories a lot—a lot, a lot. Designer loafers, crossbody bags, and sneakers get a lot of attention, as do quality sunglasses and classic pearl necklaces. But while many accessories garner a justified amount of recognition, I’ve recently noticed just how many don’t

The silk scarf that you’ve styled in every way possible, the white tube socks that you buy in bulk every year, the leather tote bag that carries your most precious belongings day in, day out—these are the accessories that really deserve praise. Though, they rarely get it. That is why I wanted to put a spotlight on the ones that hardly ever get a shout-out. To find out the true MVPs of the accessory world, I called on 10 of my fellow editors to share the jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more that, while often forgotten in the mix, they simply couldn’t live without. 

Scroll on to see which accessories are finally getting the appreciation they deserve. 

“Don’t get me wrong. I love a statement piece of jewelry. But for me, it’s the baubles that never come off that should get all the attention. I wear a silver chain around my neck at all times—to bed, in the shower, to the gym, etc.—and believe that it complements everything. No effort required.”

“I’m not totally sure what it is about them, but I’ve always loved the look of black tights. They feel very Edie Sedgwick to me. What I don’t love about tights is that they almost always end up tearing. But after much trial and error, I finally found tights that never run. You’re welcome.”

“The statement bag doesn’t get the respect it deserves. I know everyone loves to invest in a simple black bag or staple tote, but when life (and my clothing) is feeling bland, a bag cures all my woes. I live for a mini bag or colorful shoulder bag because it can add spice to any ensemble. Statement bags are the easiest way to adopt the season’s buzziest hue or test out a new style aesthetic without fully committing.”

“Before I leave the house, I always make sure I have my phone, keys, wallet, and a pair of hoop earrings. I could not live without my hoop earrings—they make every outfit better. Even if I’m lounging at home, I have earrings on. For me, they’re a part of my mind, body, and soul. And while I have a serious collection of earrings, you’ll most likely find me in these hoops, as they’re a perfect size and go with everything.”

“I thrifted this black-and-white silk scarf, and it has easily become my favorite accessory that I don’t talk about enough. I wear it around my neck, tie it around my handbags, and, of course, wear it on my head. If you don’t have a silk scarf in your collection, trust me when I say it can get major wear.”

“Most of my winter outfits wouldn’t be complete without my furry bucket hats. I like to think they’re my signature winter accessory, and you should get one on your radar. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also add a touch of playfulness to any ensemble.”

“I wear these earrings all the time. They’re the perfect size, and I know that I’ll have them forever. Pieces like these are why I think fine jewelry is such a good investment, especially since they don’t cost a ton.”

“Now that I’m officially a loafer girl, I’ve committed to owning fun socks. Bright colors, prints, sparkles—I’m into all of it.”

“I’m one of those people who constantly messes with their hair throughout the day, putting it up and taking it down every few hours. While it has yet to be scientifically proven, I swear I focus so much better when my hair is out of my face and knotted into a low bun, which is why I rely on my scrunchies so much. They also make really cute wrist accessories on a beach vacation or during summer in general.”

“Hair claws are one of those practical pieces I’ve been wearing forever that are finally trending again thanks to the revival of ’90s and aughts accessories.”

“I finally invested in a quality carryall for work, travel, and beyond after far too long spent lugging around flimsy canvas totes, and now, I’ll never go back. I love how this one from COS has a wide shoulder strap that makes it particularly comfortable to wear, and the soft leather feels so luxurious. It’s one of those great staples that makes me feel so put-together.”

“I couldn’t imagine my day-to-day style without a trusty pair of white crew socks. I love wearing them with everything from loafers to sneakers. I just think they’re cool. For reference, my go-to pairs are from Kotn and Hanes.”

“While a large wallet can be functional to hold everything, I’m a fan of the card case to hold just the essential cards. I’ve actually gotten a few of my friends to swap their bulky wallets for card cases to make more room in their bags.”

“Somehow, my plastic hair clips often go the way of hair ties and ChapSticks. They just slowly, inexplicably disappear. I bought this six-pack last year, and I know it will tide me over for years to come. The clips are high quality, cute, and perfect for sectioning my hair when I’m blow-drying or styling it.”

“It’s come to my attention that some people just… don’t have a mini key pouch. I don’t understand. Where do you put those micro-essentials that travel with you from handbag to handbag? Your spare key, your lip balm, an emergency $20—do you just let them go rogue in the bottom of your bag and hope for the best? Now that my credit card lives in my phone and loyalty cards have been ditched for apps, I say the key pouch is the new wallet. It deserves to be home to those few things you still physically need with you, just in case.”

“It has been so cold in NYC lately that it’s been hard getting dressed and leaving the apartment. While I never used to think much about my socks, I recently started sporting a couple of cashmere pairs (even with my trusty Uggs), and they have seriously pulled their weight in making it just a bit easier to get going. Trust me when I say your feet and ankles will thank you.”

“I love jewelry that feels personal, and these earrings are just that. It is so underrated how much drop earrings can transform any simple look. I’m currently using them as my weapon of choice to fight any sort of winter slump that might try and interrupt my fun.”

“I’m still not over how much warmer these mittens are than every pair of gloves I’ve ever tried. They have an added lining of fleece that means my fingers never get cold. Yes, there’s less mobility without separation between fingers, but I hardly notice a difference. They make me feel like a kid again.”

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