18 Things You'll Get If You Went From Type-A To Type-B

1. Honestly, you used to really care if you won a board game. But now you’re OK losing…because it’s just a game.

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3. Picking a restaurant was a nightmare because you needed to pick the place. Now you know pretty much any menu will have something you like.

4. When friends would fight, you would get in the mix. But now you’re like, “Hey, guys. Let’s just chill and be cool with each other. Please.”

5. People running late used to make your blood boil, but now you’re fine with it because, well, you run late.

7. Getting ready in the morning took forever, but now you hop out of bed 20 minutes before work and you’re ready to go.

8. Someone in your group project seemed unreliable? Now you don’t completely freak out because you know you’ll figure something out.

9. You used to be the one sending out group emails or Facebook messages to get your friends to hang out, but now you let out a sigh of relief when someone else does it for you. Suckers.

10. Your calendar was truly a piece of art, but now you only write things down if you remember to do it.

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12. “Whatever” used to sound really passive aggressive coming out of your mouth, but now you genuinely mean it.

13. Answering your emails ASAP was pretty much your duty, but now you take an hour (or day) to respond.

14. You used to feel like you were constantly rushing to get somewhere or get something done, but now you’re patient and know when to take a breather.

15. You used to make sure that you were invited to everything, but now you’re perfectly fine hanging out by yourself at home.

16. Not having concrete plans for a vacation or trip used to stress you out, but now you know half the fun is figuring out stuff once you get there.

17. Getting praised for your hard work was what you lived for in school, but now you know you don’t need other people’s approval to know how awesome you are.

18. But at the end of the day, there’s one thing that your former Type-A self will never stop loving: LISTS!!!!!!!!!!! OH, SWEET LISTS!!!!!!!!


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