18 Pairs of New Spring Zara Shoes I’d Buy Immediately

I admittedly hadn’t scrolled through Zara’s shoe selection in a while, but suddenly had the urge to this morning, and am I glad I did. When I tell you the spring Zara shoes are good, I am not exaggerating, folks. I immediately had over a dozen browser tabs open and they were all Zara shoes, so of course, I had to tell you about them.

On my spring shoe wishlist are plenty of flats and comfortable house shoes, but I’m also itching to buy a few new pairs of heels, even if I don’t know if and when I’ll even wear them this year (although I’m trying to think optimistically). But Zara has some heels that took my breath away, so that could very well be what’s inspiring me. 

Spring shoe shopping is the most exciting shoe shopping, as our feet have been stuffed into boots for months and months and they’re ready to be set free. Zara has so many shoes I’d like to set my feet free with. Keep scrolling to shop my favorites.

Thank you for actually making me want to wear heels, Zara.

These are the spring shoes I’d probably end up wearing the most.

The clog trend isn’t going anywhere.

Feet scrunchies!

For inside or outside—your choice.

These make me happy.

The perfect transitional shoes, don’t you think?

Springtime is colortime. 

Meet you new go-to black heels.

The loafer trend is important.

No caption needed.

I love these low-key sneakers.

I’m 100% ready to get on board with the fisherman sandals trend.

These look expensive and they go with everything.

I think this means that desert boots are happening.

I’m obsessed with this shade of green.

Pink shoes are pretty much a neutral in the spring.

I love shoes with stitching.

Next up, the comfiest and chicest items you can buy at Zara right now.