17 Reasons Why Maggie From “Younger” Is Your Lesbian Godmother

2. She’s an independent lady who likes her free time, but when she’s got a crush, she usually locks it down pretty quick.

4. She’ll always be there to listen to your latest rendezvous gone wrong.

5. And she’ll give you a stern talking-to when you’re thinking with, uh, the wrong part of your body.

9. Maggie knows that life is too short to sweat the small stuff, like wearing both straps of your stylish carpenter overalls.

TV Land / Via Giphy

10. She’ll give you her honest, very thorough pre-game opinion, if you need one.

11. The woman has a truly remarkable loungewear collection, perfect to sit around and gossip in.

13. She belongs to a co-op and she’s got you covered on natural supplements.

TV Land / Via Giphy

14. Though she’s good for the occasional pharmaceutical, too.

TV Land / Via Giphy

15. She’ll let her straight friends know when they’re boring her with their hetero bullshit.

TV Land / Via Giphy

16. She’s older enough to know there’s no sense in trying to be anyone other than yourself.

TV Land / Via Giphy

As if you need any more reason to watch “Younger,” here are even more.

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