17 Movies For Anyone Looking For Alternate Programming Today

1. All the President’s Men (1976)

Warner Bros.

Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein respectively, The Washington Post reporting duo who investigated and uncovered the Watergate scandal.

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2. The American President (1995)


An idealized US president (Michael Douglas) pursues a romantic relationship with a lobbyist (Annette Bening) while trying to pass a crime control bill. (It’s arguably a spiritual prequel to The West Wing.)

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3. Blank Check (1994)

Walt Disney Pictures

A little boy gets a ton of money for no reason. (Technically he steals it.) He then goes on to purchase gaudy real estate.

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4. Citizen Kane (1941)

Mercury Productions

Considered by some to be the greatest film ever made, Citizen Kane stars Orson Welles as a newspaper tycoon whose initial noble intentions give way to a growing addiction to power. (It’s also Donald Trump’s favorite.)

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5. A Face in the Crowd (1957)

Warner Bros.

A charming small-time radio personality (Andy Griffith) suddenly becomes a powerful and influential national TV star. While his folksy nature and charisma initially deeply connect with his audience, fame leads to his arrogance, corruption and ultimately, his downfall.

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6. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

Killer Films

John Cameron Mitchell wrote, directed, and starred in this musical-dramedy about a transgender East German rock singer growing up during the Cold War. Since being released, Hedwig became a hit on Broadway with Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall, and Mitchell himself each having played the starring role.

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7. Magic Mike (2012)

Warner Bros.

Loosely based on Channing Tatum’s youth in Tampa, Magic Mike follows 19-year-old Adam (Alex Pettyfer) as he enters the world of male stripping under the guidance of veteran stripper Mike (Tatum).

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9. Man of the Year (2006)

A TV star (Robin Williams) with no political experience runs for president.

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10. The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

United Artists

A former soldier is brainwashed by his right-wing family to become an assassin in an international communist incident, and only his former army captain (played by Frank Sinatra) can stop him.

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11. Milk (2008)

Focus Features

Sean Penn’s portrayal of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk earned him an Oscar for Best Actor in 2009.

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12. Network (1976)

This black comedy satirizes the news media by focusing on a struggling television network that’ll do absolutely anything for ratings. It’s one of only two movies to win three acting category Oscars: Peter Finch for Best Actor, Faye Dunaway for Best Actress, Beatrice Straight for Best Supporting Actress.

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13. The Punk Singer (2013)

opening band films

This documentary follows the life of Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman for Bikini Kill and Le Tigre and a crucial figure in the underground feminist punk movement Riot grrrl.

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14. Selma (2014)

Atsushi Nishijima / Paramount Pictures

This historical drama focuses on the voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, led by civil rights leaders James Bevel, Hosea Williams, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Lewis. The movie won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Common and John Legend’s “Glory.”

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15. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

TriStar Pictures

A reprogrammed robot from the future (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a 10-year-old boy (Edward Furlong), and his badass mom (Linda Hamilton) team up to prevent nuclear holocaust.

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17. The West Wing

You’ve been putting it off for too long. What better time to start one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history? And the whole thing is on Netflix, so you have no excuses.

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