16 Spring Pieces I’m Incorporating Into My Wardrobe for Maximum Chicness

I think I surprised my fiancé the other day when I showed up in the living room fully dressed with a face of actual makeup. It was a Tuesday morning when, quite regularly, someone could very well find me in a (still cute!) sweats-and-tee combo. Whether it’s my readiness for the world to reopen or just the honest fact that I’m getting really tired of only wearing comfy things, I’ve decided it is time to switch things up. Don’t come at me—I know I’ve said this before and ultimately ended up back in leggings, but I’m serious this time. I’m ready to start being chic again on the daily. To do this, I’m scouring the web for spring’s latest and greatest arrivals, starting with one of my favorites: Paige. I knew it wouldn’t let me down. I’m loving the effortless, but extremely cool, pieces it has that I know I’ll wear on repeat this season. Keep scrolling for the pants, dresses, tops, shoes, and jackets I’m eyeing.