16 Of The Coolest Little Details In Movie Credits That'll Blow Your Mind


The colors in Black Panther’s end credits match the colors of the Infinity Stones.


The end credits for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban show the Marauder’s Map, and a pair of feet can be seen in between another pair of feet, indicating that two people are getting intimate.

Warner Bros. Pictures


In the end credits of Scream, they say “no thanks whatsoever” to a school that backed out of a verbal agreement to let the movie shoot there shortly before filming was scheduled to begin.


During the end credits of Inside Out, you can see that most dog memories are joy and most cat memories are disgust.

Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures


Words are purposely misspelled in the Dumb & Dumber’s opening credits — for example, “producers” is “prodoosers.”

New Line Cinema


At the end of Doctor Strange, there’s a warning about distractions while driving. In the film, Strange crashes his car while looking at x-rays on a screen. Strange also says “the warnings come after the spells,” in the movie, and this warning comes after the film.


In the credits for The Greatest Showman, the bordering has a subtle Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) with his arms crossed and claws extended.


During the opening credits of Godzilla, redacted texts pop up showing the names Walter White and Bryan Cranston, who played him on Breaking Bad.

Warner Bros. Pictures


In the end credits of Clerks, the boom mic operator is credited to “whoever grabbed the pole.”

Miramax Films


In Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Jabba the Hutt is credited as himself.

20th Century Fox


In the Split end credits, there are several credits rolling for each of Kevin’s personalities.

Universal Pictures


In the Watchmen opening credits there’s a shot of Silk Spectre’s retirement party that resembles “The Last Supper.” The Comedian is in the place of Judas.

Warner Bros. Pictures


And finally, Frozen’s end credits have this playful disclaimer referencing the scene where it’s said that all men eat their own boogers.