15 Years Ago, Mary-Kate And Ashley Acted Together For The Last Time In “New York Minute”

May 7th, 2019 marks 15 years since New York Minute was released in theaters.

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Hi, Eugene Levy! We love you on Schitt’s Creek.

While the achievements of this cinematic masterpiece are something to be celebrated, it also gives us something to mourn…

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Those 2004 lewks were *chef kiss*.

…It’s officially been 15 years since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen acted together.

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God, we miss them.

In fact, they’ve hardly done any acting at all since the 2004 comedy.

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Ashley had a cameo in the movie The Jerk Theory in 2009, appeared as herself in I’m Still Here in 2010, and was featured in a Thirty Seconds to Mars video in 2013 (pictured left). Mary-Kate had a cameo in Factory Girl in 2006, an arc on Weeds in 2007 (pictured right), co-starred in The Wackness, and appeared in an episode of Samantha Who? in 2008, and was last seen in the movie Beastly in 2011.

They may be working hard running their fahsion label, Elizabeth and James…

…But we’re still sad they’ve retired from acting.

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It’s been 17 years since their live-action show, So Little Time, and their animated series, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, ended.

Their last You’re Invited video was released 19 long years ago.

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You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Greatest Parties was a compilation of Sleepover Party, Birthday Party, and Mall Party.

Two of a Kind hasn’t been on the air in 20 years.

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Short-lived, but iconic. (Passport to Paris also came out in 1999!)

We haven’t seen the likes of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley in 22 grueling years.

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The Case of the United States Navy Adventure was their last, but The Case of Thorn Mansion was the superior mystery. (And it featured a young Elizabeth!)

It Takes Two hit theaters 24 years ago….

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AKA the greatest movie ever made.

…Six months after Full House ended.

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That’s right, Michelle Tanner fell off that horse and lost her memories in 1995.

Sadly, there’s no hope of MK&A returning to Fuller House.

They made Our First Video 26 years ago…

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Anyone know if their brother is still for sale?

…And their first TV movie aired 27 years ago.

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To Grandmother’s House We Go hit the small screen in 1992, and Double, Double Toil and Trouble soon followed in 1993.

We’re so grateful that they came into our lives 32 beautiful years ago.

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Full House premiered September 22nd, 1987.

We love you, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

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We respect that you’ve retired from acting, but we can’t help but miss you.