15 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Thinking About

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead! 🚨


First, in Riverdale, Archie decided it was best for everyone if he left town and broke up with Veronica in order to keep her safe from the Gargoyle King — honestly, the smartest thing he’s ever done.


Also in Riverdale, I’m officially giving Alice the “worst mother of the year” award after she sent Betty to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy — if Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni don’t team up to break her out I’ll be upset.


During the This Is Us mid-season finale, we learned that Jack’s brother Nicky actually survived Vietnam and isn’t dead.


Also the This Is Us flash forwards revealed that Tess, Randall, and Beth are going to see Randall’s mother — alright, do they mean Rebecca or Randall’s birth mother? I have QUESTIONS.


Also Randall and Beth don’t seem like they’re on the best of terms and I’m already crying about it.


The Walking Dead introduced one of their most formidable villains this week when The Whisperers finally arrived — honestly, nothing is more terrifying than humans wearing walker face masks.


Sadly, the arrival of The Whisperers in The Walking Dead led to Jesus’s death and I’m still in mourning.


In Outlander, Roger told Brianna that Claire successfully found Jamie in the past, which causes Brianna to travel to Scotland in order to “find her mother.”


Also in Outlander, Roger learned that Claire and Jamie eventually die in a fire at Fraser’s Ridge — y’all, this is my favorite Outlander book and I’m already excited for what’s ahead.


In Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends went on some kind of mission but I honestly don’t remember the details after Sara surprised Ava for her birthday.


Oliver and Diaz’s rivalry finally came to a head in Arrow this week when Diaz broke into prison in an attempt to kill Oliver — don’t worry, Oliver won.


Also in Arrow, Oliver was finally released from prison which led to this tender reunion between him and Felicity — this is all I’ve thought about all week just so you know.


Supernatural took an emotional turn when Dean takes Jack out for a fun day all before it’s revealed that they can’t save Jack and he’s still dying.


The Gifted gave us an hour focused on Lorna’s past and ended with her embracing her birth father, Magneto.


Murphy Brown made an almost direct commentary on the Trump administration this week when Frank was beaten while attending a presidential rally.


And finally, in Supergirl, Lena began her clinical trial and revealed some emotional backstory about her birth mother and how she fights every day to not become a Luthor — Katie McGrath continues to crush it this season.

What were your favorite TV moments this week? Sound off in the comments below!