15 Shows You Always Scroll Past That You Should Sit And Watch

Where you keep scrolling past it: Hulu

What it’s about: Orel, an elementary-school-aged boy living in a strictly Christian small town, learns how to be a good Christian from adults who have the moral capacity of…I dunno, a gnat? Something with almost zero moral capacity.

Why you should just give up and watch it: If you’re sitting there right now saying, “Of COURSE I’ve seen Rick and Morty you dumbass, tell me about something I haven’t seen,” then you’ll like Moral Orel. It’s a spoof of sorts on the old Christian claymation shows of the ’80s, but in this case, our protagonist misinterprets every lesson he learns about how to be a good Christian. In one episode, Orel gives money to a homeless drug dealer in order to be charitable, and ends up addicted to crack. In another, he learns that waste is immoral, so he starts drinking his urine.

Eventually the show moves away from that episodic structure and dives deep into the problems that the fictional, ultra-religious town’s residents ignore, like alcoholism, domestic abuse, and infidelity. If that sounds super dark and heavy, it is.