15 Reasons You Seriously Need To Start Watching “The Leftovers” ASAP

1. If you enjoyed Lost, you’ll probably enjoy The Leftovers.

The Leftovers sprung from the genius that is Damon Lindelof, and carries a similarly captivating mystique.

3. Also, there’s A LOT of shirtless Justin Theroux.

And his ripped abs.

And therefore, his ripped abs.

4. The show is BOLD AF.

They’ve done things like dedicate entire episodes to one or two characters, and even spent the first 45+ minutes of the second season introducing entirely new characters.

5. And it’s not as ~depressing~ as you might think it is.

The show takes some serious sci-fi/fantasy turns and it’s pretty cool.

6. The soundtrack is composed by Max Richter and it is some of the most beautiful, perfect music you’ll ever hear. Ever.

7. The cast performances are so good that you may actually cry.

Literally every episode.

8. You’ll be introduced to the force that is Ann Dowd.

You will literally be captivated by her performance.

9. The show isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

There’s a lot to be speculated on, from subtle details only attentive viewers pick up on, to otherworldly happenings that provoke a lot of questions.

10. The show is ending on its own terms, which is usually a good thing.

They’ll be able to tell the ending of this story as they choose to, instead of leaving things on a cliffhanger or being stuck with an unintentional ending like other series’ are abruptly cancelled.

11. The show’s epic opening credits changed drastically from Season 1 and 2.

They’re vastly different yet so, so perfect.

12. If you’re a reader, The Leftovers was originally a novel by Tom Perrotta.

St. Martin’s Press

The first season is an adaptation that covers the entire book, whereas the second and third seasons are all new story!

13. There’s a Justin Theroux jogging scene that drove people wild.

His gray sweatpants had people feeling some type of way.

14. The show just keeps getting better.

Season one is phenomenal, but Season 1 manages to improve into an absolute masterpiece.

15. The show’s final season doesn’t begin until Sunday, April 16th, so you still have time to binge watch it!

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