13 Netflix Movies That Are Total Hidden Gems


The 4th Company

Astronauta Films

Based on a true story, this film tells the story of an inmate who dreams about getting a spot on the prison’s football team. Once he makes it, though, he soon realizes that the team serves a darker purpose for the prison administration’s agenda.


On Body and Soul

Inforg-M&M Film Kft.

Maria’s super shy and doesn’t talk to anyone at her new job. Endre is one of her colleagues, who’s also kind of antisocial. But they start getting to know each other nonetheless — via a mystical connection forged by their dreams!


Morris from America

Big Beach

Moving to Germany with his widowed father, 13-year-old Morris navigates his budding crush on a new classmate as well as his aspirations to become a rapper.


Manson Family Vacation

The Orchard

This unusual comedy tells the story of two completely different brothers. One of them is a successful lawyer from Los Angeles, with the perfect home and family. The other one is more of an aimless hippie who hits the other one up to go on a trip to visit the locations of the notorious murders of the Manson Family.


Children of Men

Universal Pictures

This film, directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuaron, takes place in a dystopian future where the human race is going extinct. All men have lost the ability to procreate, and all women are infertile…except for one, who becomes mysteriously pregnant.


The Lovely Bones

DreamWorks Pictures

After getting brutally murdered, 14-year-old Susie watches from heaven as her family and friends try to piece together their lives again. At the same time, a detective gets closer and closer to finding out who did it — just as the killer prepares to strike again.



XYZ Films

This anthology of eight horror short films gives seemingly innocuous holidays like Mother’s Day a scary little spin.


Hold the Dark


Russell is a naturalist who travels to a distant town in Alaska, where he has been hired by a woman to find the wolves who took her son away. Along the way, he gets caught up in a very terrifying mystery.


Super Dark Times

The Orchard

Zach and Josh are two teenagers in the ’90s who’ve been friends all of their lives. On what was supposed to be a pretty normal day, there is an accident that involves a samurai sword. To cover up the accident and keep a terrible secret, the friendship is put to the test.



Pandora Film Produktion

A group of young radicals from different social classes reunite to plant bombs all around Paris. As the bombs go off, they plan their next attack.


Outside In

Duplass Brothers Productions

After spending 20 years in jail for a crime, 38-year-old Chris comes back to his little hometown. On his return, he meets Carol, a teacher from his high school who kept in touch with him while he was still in jail, and they form a pretty intense relationship.


Obvious Child

Sundial Pictures

A 20-something unemployed comedian finds out that she’s pregnant and is forced to grow up in a lot of ways as she decides what to do about it.



Braveart Films

What if your pet turned into a very dateable human? What if it happened to both your dog and your cat?? For recently-dumped app designer Emma, it actually happens! Hilarity, of course, ensues.

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