12 Creepy Christmas Movies To Watch ASAP

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what their favorite creepy Christmas movies were to watch during the holidays. Here are their best suggestions.

2. Krampus, 2015

Universal Pictures

“Krampus is pretty odd and creepy. It’s a go-to alternative Christmas movie.” — kaeraa

4. A Christmas Horror Story, 2015

Copperheart Entertainment

A Christmas Horror Story — just watched it a week ago on Netflix. It’s almost like Trick ‘r Treat: four different stories being told at the same time and yes, Krampus is part of it.” — Denise Fellin, Facebook

5. Gremlins, 1984

Amblin / Warner Bros.

“Gremlins!! Idk, it takes place during Christmas time so I’m calling it a Christmas movie.” — maggier4c62a93d8

6. Rare Exports, 2010

Rare Exports! A strange Finnish movie. I love that it captures the looming dread of Christmas… and also there is a herd of old, naked, bearded men.
Yes…you read that correctly… a HERD of them!” — Alaire Mansell, Facebook

7. Santa’s Slay, 2005

Media 8 Entertainment

“Santa’s Slay is fucking ridiculous and hilarious. Not creepy but a fun B-horror movie watch.” — Samanthajadee

8. Black Christmas, 1974

Film Funding Ltd. of Canada

“The remake is abominable, compared to the original. The original was directed by Bob Clark — he directed A Christmas Story! I watched the remake once out of curiosity and then tossed the DVD.” — CalculusThief

9. Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

TriStar Pictures

Silent Night, Deadly Night — it satisfies on SO MANY levels. It has great, suspenseful kills, decent acting, and an entertaining story. Perfect Christmas movie. Watching it is a tradition in our house.” — CalculusThief

10. Scrooged, 1988

Paramount Pictures

Scrooged always freaked me out as a kid.” — Brandie Stevenson, Facebook

11. A Christmas Carol, 2009

A Christmas Carol is a bit messed up — at least the Jim Carrey animated version.” — kaeraa

12. American Psycho, 2000

Am Psycho Productions

“American Psycho — not necessarily a ‘Christmas’ movie, but it is about a psycho serial killer during Christmas time. The holiday party scene is iconic. Greatest movie ever hands down, underrated Christmas film.” — rachelkwish95

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