11 Trendy Sweater Outfits You’ll See Everyone in This Winter

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding myself wearing a sweater pretty much every day as of late, and I’m not mad about it. I love a sweater outfit. But I also find myself getting into sweater-outfit ruts—i.e., not thinking beyond a sweater, straight-leg jeans, and ankle boots. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that outfit combination, but it can get a little boring, especially by the time February rolls around and it feels like it’s been winter for 12 years.

Luckily, Instagram is chock-full of incredible sweater-outfit inspiration thanks to chic women around the world. Below are some of my personal favorites, all of which are easy to re-create using your own sweaters and other wardrobe staples. And if you’re in need of a sweater refresh, I found some of those for you to shop as well. Scroll for all the cozy outfit inspiration you need this winter.

This casual outfit combination has a subtle ’70s vibe, which is always fun.

Here’s how to carry the tennis-skirt trend into the cold months.

A menswear-inspired sweater outfit feels particularly fresh.

A great excuse to not wear jeans every once in a while.

This look is both polished and comfortable.

This is possibly the trendiest combination of jeans, a sweater, and sneakers.

Kendall Jenner also wore this outfit combination recently, so there’s that.

Swapping basic boots out for a Western pair makes this simple outfit even more interesting.

The chunky knee boots make this sweater outfit especially trendy.

Given how popular sweater-vests are, I’m always on the lookout for fresh ways to wear them.

Good cropped sweaters can be hard to find.

It’s no surprise that this one keeps selling out.

Obsessed with this print.

Now that’s a cutout.

Finding this boucle sweater very hard to resist.

It’s just so good.

I own this in another color and can vouch that it’s worth every penny.

Nothing says winter like a bobble sweater.

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