11 Reasons Theo From “The Haunting Of Hill House” Is Just Elsa From “Frozen”

If you’ve watched The Haunting of Hill House, you’re already very familiar with Theodora Crain:

Netflix / Via popbuzz.com

Hey, my favorite middle child.

And the fact that she has hand powers JUST LIKE ELSA FROM FROZEN:

Netflix / Via netflix.com, Disney / Via bbc.com

Elsa’s powers are obviously of the ice variety whereas Theo can uncover past truths and feel other’s feelings by touching things and/or people.

Both wear gloves to contain said powers:

And prefer not to be touched:

Both of their stories include younger versions of themselves:

And their moms died tragically when they were young:

Netflix, Disney / Via frozen.wiki.com

Is it just me or do they look similar, too?

The fact that they’re a sister is absolutely their most important character trait:

Netflix / Via netflix.com, Disney / Via youtube.com

Seriously, The Haunting of Hill House and Frozen completely rest on their sibling relationships.

And their sibling drama is VERY real:

One got caught in a compromising position with her sister’s husband while the other almost accidentally killed her sister… twice.

Both are confirmed* lesbians:

Netflix / Via netflix.com

* Okay, so Elsa isn’t *technically* confirmed, but we all think it’s true and there’s a possibility that it could actually become canon.

And they have PERFECT and EXPRESSIVE eyebrows:

Honestly, they both have perfect faces, in general:

But above all, Theo and Elsa both love their sisters more than anything in the world:

If you haven’t already, go watch The Haunting of Hill House ASAP.