11 Horror Movies Coming Out In 2018, So You Can Plan Your No Sleep Around Them

Because every day is Halloween if you believe hard enough.

The Strangers: Prey At Night (March 9)

The much anticipated sequel to the 2008 creep-fest The Strangers, this neon nightmare follows a family being terrorized by, you guessed it, complete strangers, while stopped for the night at a mobile home park. From the trailer, this looks like your classic, campy home invasion thriller and, if it’s even a FRACTION as creepy as the original, I’m sure plenty of freaky fun is in store.

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Unsane (March 23)

In Unsane, Claire Foy plays a woman trying to evade a stalker who continues to follow her, even when she moves to a new city. However, things take a turn for the worse when she is involuntarily committed to a mental institution and told she is experiencing a “delusion.” This horror/thriller comes to us courtesy of Steven Soderbergh, and was shot COMPLETELY on an iPhone.

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A Quiet Place (April 6)

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, one of the cutest couples alive right now, are starring side-by-side in this thriller, directed by Krasinski himself. A family, living in what appears to be total isolation, must stay completely silent at all times, or else be attacked by something unseen. They speak in sign language, play board games with soft knit pieces, and even have the EXACT steps they can move on mapped out everywhere they go.

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Truth Or Dare (April 13)

This trailer screams, “Hey! No thank you!” Just a group of perfectly regular young adults playing a perfectly regular game of truth or dare; however, the game proves to be a little more sinister than anticipated when it’s revealed that a supernatural force is controlling the players to keep them in the game against their will. So, basically, if you lie on a truth challenge, you die, if you refuse to complete a dare challenge, you die. I told you…no, thank you.

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Marrowbone (April 13)

Jonathon from Stranger Things has a whole lot more than just Demogorgons to worry about in his upcoming horror film, Marrowbone. The film follows a group of young siblings in 1969 reeling from the death of their mother. Desperate to stay together as a family, the children hide in an abandoned home; however, it ends up being haunted. The trailer has great suspense and that creaky-floored, shadowy-corner vibe you want in a haunted house flick.

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Slenderman (May 18)

For those who are unfamiliar with the creepypasta-turned-urban-legend, the “Slender Man” is said to be an absurdly tall, faceless man who abducts children. Anyway, this film follows four teenage girls living in Massachusetts who perform a ritual in order to prove there is no such thing as “Slender Man;” however, when one of the girls goes missing, it appears they’ve awoken something far beyond their expectations. Plus, the cinematography looks creepy AF.

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Hereditary (June 8)

This is easily one of the most hyped-up horror films of the year, coming out of the 2018 Sundance festival with glowing praise. The story follows an ordinary family dealing with the death of their matriarchal figure, Ellen. However, things start to get strange fast when Ellen’s daughter Annie, played by a stunning Toni Collette, begins to unravel dark secrets about their family tree. Hailed as the next Babadook, I’ll be first in line for this monstrosity.

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The First Purge (July 4)

While The Purge franchise has never shied away from being political, they really pulled no punches with their latest entry, The First Purge. This installment is set to focus on the origin story of the scariest character in all the films: The Purge itself. How did it come to pass in law? Who decided this was a good idea? Why is everyone’s first instinct to murder people and not, like, rob a bank to pay off their student debt?

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The Nun (Sept. 7)

The Nun (Sept. 7)

If you saw The Conjuring 2 and though “Hey, you know who I want to see more of? That terrifying nun,” then do I have a movie for you! In the same vein as Annabelle, this film seeks to depict the backstory of the breakout The Conjuring 2 star. There’s very little information about the story and, unfortunately, no trailer as of yet, but it’s sure to make you want to ~say your prayers.~ *Bu-dum-tss*

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The House That Jack Built (Nov. 29)

The House That Jack Built (Nov. 29)

Like The Nun and Halloween, there is very little out on Lars Von Trier’s newest film, set to premiere later this year (like, I couldn’t even find a picture for this post). However, I felt compelled to include it on this list because, if you’ve even so much as heard of his previous horror Antichrist, you know we’re in for something disturbing AF. Matt Dillon will star as the titular Jack, a serial killer running rampant through Wasington state in the ’70s and ’80s. And, with Charlize Theron on board in a supporting role, this should be another glowing addition to the terrifying tapestry that is Von Trier’s résumé.

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