10 Theories And Questions I Have About “Stranger Things” Season 3

“As they’re loading up the truck and Hopper’s speech nears its end, a certain song starts playing. “Heroes” by David Bowie (cover by Peter Gabriel). To a lot of people this may not mean much in the context of the show but for me, and probably others like me who have watched the show in its entirety countless times, it brings me back to Season 1.

At the end of Season 1, Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly, Will’s body is found in the quarry (or so we were lead to believe) and what song plays as we see this unfold? “Heroes” by David Bowie (cover by Peter Gabriel).

I can’t think of any reason that they would have picked that song, given the countless songs perfect for that situation, other than them subtly calling back to another time where we were told a character was dead when they weren’t.”

“More of a reason for Brenner to no longer remain on US soil is when we consider how valuable his experience with the Upside Down is and how determined that murderous sociopath was to complete his work he was probably looking for an opportunity to continue it.

It is the Cold War after all so it all leads to Dr. Brenner working (or being forced to work) with the Russians. This alone would explain how they got their start and how they know so much already in a small amount of time.”

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