10 Shows With The Best Wardrobe On TV

The style on The Crown is so lavish, it’s easy to see how the budget is rumored to be over $100 million dollars. Michele Clapton, three-time Emmy-winning designer, spoke on all the research that was required for the show, as well as moments that allowed for full creative power.

On dressing Margaret, Clapton told Grazia Daily, “For her costumes, I wanted to look at the movement outside of the royal family – what was really going on. We also hand painted and beaded this lovely mink colored dress for a scene when she gives a speech at the American embassy, and I just thought, ‘I’m going to put great big pockets in it.’ I loved the idea of her having pockets in this evening dress so that she could swagger around, and Vanessa loved that too. With Margaret, everything was just a little better cut – the coats were a bit longer, there was just a bit more thought about it. I enjoyed playing the two sisters against each other.”