'iZombie': What's Next After The Cure Reveal

Liv Moore seemed ready to become human at the end of last week’s “iZombie.” Unfortunately for her, there are no cure doses to spare.

Having her wanting to become human again was a force behind the decision to have her on hot-mess brain during last week’s episode of The CW series.

“We wanted a brain to make Liv long to be human,” Executive Producer Rob Thomas told AccessHollywood.com recently. “We wanted a pain-in-the-ass brain, because we wanted her to say multiple times during the episode, ‘I’m so tired of being in someone else’s head’ …  so we could get her so excited about the possibility of a cure, and that it would dial up the heartache in the final scene when she wasn’t able to. Because sometimes, the brains are helpful and … sometimes she feels good about helping people and being a contributing zombie. We wanted one that was just a pain in the ass and so I think that’s how we ended up with hot-mess brain.”

In last week’s episode, Blaine confessed to Peyton that he actually doesn’t have memory loss (he’s been faking it), and it effectively ended their relationship. But don’t expect Peyton and Ravi to rekindle their romance now that she’s not with Blaine.

“With Peyton and Ravi, clearly she’s done with Blaine,” the EP said. “But I think Ravi hurt her in the way he treated her during –”

The Katty Kupps situation?

“Yeah, and not just the Katty Kupps, but the fact that he was so jealous and a little mean-spirited to her and yes, the Katty Kupps thing too,” Thomas continued. “So they are going to have to rebuild some trust and friendship before anything romantic could happen on their front.”

Ravi gave Major the cure, but prior to Blaine’s confession, everyone thought he was going to lose his memory as he became human again. Finding out his memories weren’t fading gave Major hope he could rekindle his romance with Liv – that is, until he returned home and found out all the cures are gone (Ravi doesn’t have the formula to make more at the minute).

“Part of the fun in the episode is that Major, as he realizes that he’s not going to lose his memory, he realizes, well, if Liv just takes the cure, it’s back on. So as he’s coming back from Walla Walla, he’s thrilled. He thinks he’s going to get to say to Liv, ‘Hey, take this cure, we’ll both be human and we can be together.’ He is very much back on board whereas Liv has filed it as that was a nice moment that can’t be repeated,” Thomas said.

And as the two continue their lives – Major as a human, and Liv still a zombie, a set-up in which they can’t date – we’ll likely see them dating other humans and zombies.

“They’re back to the same place that they were – he’s a human and she’s a zombie and they’ve already tried that and it didn’t work and so, it’s going to put them in limbo again” the EP said. “Suddenly, there’s a whole army of zombie men … [and] Liv has more variety or more possibilities for romance than she’s had since becoming a zombie. Major on the other hand is the person who people believed is the Chaos Killer and trying to find a date when everyone knows you as that is going to be what we play in the back half of the season — how lonely a life Major is living and how he continues to find home and safe harbor at Fillmore Graves, even though he’s a human existing in a zombie world there.”

“iZombie” continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Jolie Lash