I’m Obsessed With Cost Per Wear, and This Best-Selling Perfume Is Just 37¢ a Pop

By now it’s public knowledge that my fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I are self-proclaimed fragrance freaks. From Courtney’s ode to Frédéric Malle’s $255 stunner, Portrait of a Lady, to my reveal showcasing the perfumes that consistently earn me the most compliments, we pretty much consider ourselves the dynamic duo of the perfume-wearing and -reviewing worlds. We love doing deep dives into beloved perfume brands (Tom Ford, YSL, Dior, Chanel, or Gucci, anyone?), but we’ve been saving one special fragrance line for a rainy day. And today’s that day! 

Courtney and I might have expensive taste when it comes to perfume, but Maison Margiela’s cult-loved line of Eau de Toilettes called Replica is the rare breed of fragrance that smells worthy of a $300 price tag but is actually less than half of that. The cozy, time-and-place-inspired collection features some of the most beloved scents in the industry (ahem, By the Fireplace will always be a classic), but at just $135 a bottle, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to smell really, really good without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being. Think about it this way: If you were to give yourself one healthy spritz per day, that breaks down to just 37 cents per wear. I mean, how can you resist that? So as an ode to our love for Replica, we reached out to Maison Margiela HQ for an official ranking of the most popular Replica perfumes to date. Curious to see which bottle is taking home the gold? Keep scrolling! Plus, discover the 12 runners-up you also need on your fradar. (Fragrance plus radar—get it?) 

Top notes: Bergamot Essence, Mandarine Essence, Green Tea Accord. Middle notes: Matcha Accord, Orange Blossom Absolute, Jasmin Accord. Base notes: Benzoin, Moss Accord, White Chocolate Accord. Don’t get it twisted. Just because this creamy, meditative perfume isn’t number one on our list doesn’t mean it isn’t dreamy. It’s brand new from the brand, and as soon as it catches on, we’re sure it will surge to the top of the best-selling Replica clan. You know that calming, zen-like feeling that envelopes you as sip your morning matcha? Yep, this is the spritz-able equivalent of that. 

Top notes: Bigarade Essence, Basil Essence, Black Pepper. Middle notes: Geranium Essence, Lavender, Rosemary Essence. Base notes: Tonka Bean, Evernyl, White Musks, Notes of Tonka Beans and White Musk, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Basil Accord. Technically, the brand touts this particular fragrance as a “masculine-smelling” scent, but trust us—anyone who loves crisp, fresh-smelling perfumes will become a die-hard fan of At the Barber’s. One whiff and you’ll instantly be transported to a vintage barbershop complete with fluffy shaving brushes, snuggly white towels, and a spinning, candy-cane-striped barber’s poll. 

Top notes: Pepper Essence, Orange Flower Petals Firnat, Patchouli Prisma. Middle notes: Cypriol, Tonka Bean Absolute, Benzoin Siam Resinoid. Base notes: Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood Entrainé, Vetiver. If Belle from Beauty and the Beast were a real person, this would be her signature scent. Inspired by the cozy smell of wax wood and paper, it’s the ultimate fragrance for anyone who spends their time fantasizing about great books, cashmere blankets, worn-in leather armchairs, and the ambiance of an enchanted library. 

Top notes: Green Leaves Accord, Freesia, Sambac Jasmine. Middle notes: Egyptian Jasmine, Tuberose, Grasse Rose. Base notes: Peach, Cedar, Oak Moss. Consider this the ultimate Replica perfume for the die-hard floral-fragrance person. Its stunning range spans peach, oakmoss, jasmine, rose, and freesia, and if you close your eyes, you just might think you’re strolling through London’s blossoming flower markets.

Top notes: Pepper Essence, Orange Flower Petals Firnat, Patchouli Prisma. Middle notes: Cypriol, Tonka Bean Absolute, Benzoin Siam Resinoid. Base notes: Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood Entrainé, Vetiver. Coffee lovers, this one is for you! As someone with an unhealthy addiction to my morning cup of joe, I can easily admit that this is one of my favorite fragrances of all time—and not just within the Maison Margiela Replica set. Yes, the smell hints at a glorious caffeine high (blame mouth-watering notes like vanilla, lavender, pepper, patchouli, and orange flower petals), but it’s not overdone or obvious. In other words, no one is going to smell you and think you spilled coffee all over yourself that morning. Instead, they’re simply going to ask why you smell so dang divine. 

Top notes: Pear Accord, Bergamot Essence, Blackcurrant Accord. Middle notes: Lily of the Valley Accord, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Rose Damascena Absolute. Base notes: Musks, Vanilla Accord, Ambrox. Since we’re actually experiencing the onset of spring, Replica’s Springtime in a Park just hits different right now. Pack your picnic basket, grab your sunglasses, and call a friend because after just one sniff of this delicate, fruity-floral concoction, you’ll be in the mood for a stroll in the park, ASAP.

Top notes: Aquatic Accord, Aldehydes Accord, Juniper Pure Jungle Essence  . Middle notes: Coriander EO, Iris Absolute, Rose Superessence. Base notes: Red Seaweed Pure Jungle Essence, Ambergris Accord, Orcanox. “You smell soooooo good,” is the automatic verbal reaction people have whenever I wear this enchanting perfume. It’s preppy, it’s nautical, and it’s exactly how I imagine the Gossip Girl cast would smell atop a $100K sailboat, crisp with sea salt. Cheers!

Top notes: Kalamansi Flavor Accord, PetitGrain Essence, Cardamom Essence. Middle notes: Coriander Essence, Mate Absolute, Green Tea Extract. Base notes: Cedarwood Essence, Musks. Prepare yourself because all you’ll be able to think about after dousing yourself with this perfume is limoncello ice cream, sunny days in the Mediterranean, and a rush of fresh-cut herbs. So yes, it’s the quintessential summer scent you should snap up right this second. 

Top notes: Pear Accord, Ambrette Seeds, Clean Accord. Middle notes: Iris Accord, Rose Petals, Orange Flower. Base notes: Patchouli Indonesia, White Woods, White & Creamy Musk . Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday morning complete with wisps of sunlight and freshly crinkled linen sheets? The correct answer is absolutely no one. Perhaps that’s why Maison Margiela HQ told us that this cult-loved perfume is its fifth-best seller. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and it’s got this addictive “yep, I just woke up like this” vibe that’s unequivocally unbothered and cool. In a word, it’s beautiful. 

Top notes: Crushed Leaves Accord, Freesia. Middle notes: Sambac Jasmine From India, Infusion of Egyptian Jasmine, Infusion of Tuberose, Rose From Grasse. Bases notes: Peach, Cedarwood, Oakmoss. Considering that Bubble Bath is Replica’s second-latest launch, the fact that it’s already reached number-four status in our ranking speaks oodles to its smell appeal. I’m personally obsessed, and as someone who grew up in the ’90s and early 2000s, the sudsy, freshly powdered blend of coconut, soap bubble accord, jasmine, freesia, musks, and patchouli reawakens my wildest dreams of channeling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. (You know the scene I’m talking about—someone, get me a Walkman!)

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Lemon. Middle notes: Transluzone, Ylang-Ylang, Coconut Milk. Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Benzoin. After being cooped up in L.A. for over a year, I really only want to be on a beach in Malibu this summer. In the meantime, salty, sun-kissed skin; granules of sand in between my toes; and a creamy, coconut-spiked cocktail via this vibrant perfume will happily do. 

Top notes: Primofiore Lemon, Pink Pepper, Neroli Oil. Middle notes: Clary Sage Oil, Rum Absolute, Java Vetiver Oil. Base notes: Styrax Resin, Tobacco Leaf Absolute, Vanilla Bean . If there’s anyone out there (like me) who thinks they’re currently reincarnated but lived their absolute best former life in the smoky, shimmering haze of the roaring ’20s, this best seller will become your fragrance cocktail of choice. Beads! Cigar smoke! Fringe! Jazz! The heady nature of Jazz Club is like a soul-warming pour of rum in the best way possible.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Orange Flower Petals, Clove Oil  . Middle notes: Chestnut Accord, Gaïac Wood Oil, Cade Oil. Base notes: Vanilla Accord, Peru Balsam, Cashmeran. Ah, you’ve made it! Say hello to Replica’s best-selling perfume, By the Fireplace. While it might incite cozy thoughts complete with a crackling fire, roasted chestnuts, toasty marshmallows, and a floppy cocker spaniel shrouded in plaid fleece (I’m having fun with this—can you tell?), it’s surprisingly perfect all year round. It is, in fact, obsession-worthy. 

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